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This is the official wiki devoted to the long-form webcomic Doubting Thomas, an active series about religion, politics, mental health, and other topics we're normally discouraged from talking about at the dinner table. It is a place where fans and the author can interact as well as post resources to the story's cast and plot.


Humanity: at a crossroads. Thomas: a former evangelical turned atheist who is suffering from depression after a personal tragedy. Pérez: a detective suffering from PTSD. The two battle the struggles in their mind as they become entangled in events beyond belief.

# Book Chapter Release Summary Link
1 Endzone Canto 1 4 Nov, 2017–1 Feb, 2018 When Thomas takes the first steps in dealing with his depression he realizes that he, and the entire human race, is on the hero's journey. Meanwhile, Pérez is attempting to solve a series of mutilations occurring throughout the city. Comic Fury, WebToons
1 Endzone Canto 2 2 Feb, 2018–9 Apr, 2018 As Thomas goes through the ups and downs of recovery, Pérez finds her PTSD getting worse as the number of mutilations keeps increasing. Comic Fury, WebToons
1 Endzone Canto 3 12 Apr, 2018 Despite the President's interventions, the deaths have not stopped. As Thomas and Pérez work together to tackle their mental illnesses they learn their problems are far bigger than they ever thought. TBD
1 Endzone Canto 4 TBD TBD TBD

Background Edit

This is an original series is written and illustrated by Cliff Hansen. It is freely readable, releasing about twice a week on both Comic Fury and on Webtoons and if there is demand there may later be a print edition. The comic was created to explore science fiction, mental health, religious, and political issues from an unapologetically atheist perspective. It contains many religious allegories and artist references. Inspirations include Carl Sagan's Contact, the complete works of Joseph Campbell, Lewis Caroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, Lee Burvine's Kafir Project, George Orwell's 1984, and the Black Mirror television series. The series contains several memorial pages to honor people who die during the series whose lives in some way relate to the topic of the books.

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